Main Cast
Fiona Dae: Girl who was tossed from the normal world to a weird one. Doesn’t much care for her situation. Wants to find her way back to where she came from.
Van Abrahams: Wandering mage guy with the uncanny ability to attract most women. Feels obligated to get Fiona back home, believing himself to be partially responsible.
Jim Black: Super strong guy who is cursed to be a stuffed bunny unless he does good deeds, which he is extremely adverse to. Searches for a loophole.
Akela T’nadne: Member of the underground force known as the Nameless. Wishes to help Fiona in any way she can for her own personal reasons. Her last name is a contraction.
Cecilia Grant: High ranking member of the Nameless who taught Fiona the basics of magic fighting.
May Dolingan: Vampire lady with an accent so strong you’d swear it was another language. Powerhouse fighter and ex girlfriend/ex bodyguard of Van.
Dave Gold: Computer wiz hermit who doesn’t understand magic in the least.
Vic Valentine: Dealer of goods great and small. He’s got what you need.
Edvard De Santigo: Magic expert and gigantic jerk. Became wealthy by selling his expertise.
Daisy: Simple minded but very friendly. Enjoys Fiona’s company despite Fiona’s grumpiness.
Melissa “Em” Clarke: Silent Nameless member, body seems to be made of a goo she can stretch and form into different shapes. Usually is seen hanging out with Daisy as they are long time roommates.
Maxi: Longstanding boyfriend of Cecilia, as well as another high ranking member of the Nameless.
Hall Henderson: Member of the Henderson family. Often quite smart and stoic, though he has been shook on occasion. Both he and his sister have amazing skills of regeneration, though the result has left their bodies scarred.
Eva Henderson: Hall’s sister, dim witted and often leans towards the more violent nature, but overall has good intentions. An exception to the good intentions being her rivalry with Hall in which they have always caused physical harm to each other, that they both know they can just heal.
Mr. Henderson: Leader for life of the United States. Was given dictatorship by the people after single handedly ending World War II. His origin is mysterious as is his longer than average life for a human. Many now wish to take his ruling power away, but he refuses to step down.
Elvina and Britta: Henchwomen of Mr. Kite, very intelligent scientists. Elvina has monster henchmen, Britta has robots.
Dollface: Shape shifting spooky lady. A henchwoman for Mr. Kite that has a flair for the dramatic.
Beatle: Robot servant of Mr. Kite, very polite and gentlemanly.
Mr. Kite: Mysterious man with mysterious motives. He’s quite mysterious.